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The Poster

A semi-lurker. Started reading EGS early on in the party story arc (This strip to be exact). Wants to become a regular poster, but has a bad case of a combination of shyness and thinking to hard about what to post (Like this but applied to posts instead of email replies)

The Character

Icedude the character, post-Hisarlik

Spacey tech-head who has an affinity for building mecha, and to a lesser extent, weapons and equipment.

Normally a calm and quiet person who prefers to stick to the background, his personality does a complete 180 if a fight comes up. Unshakeable bravado would be the only way to describe it, and it often ends up in him getting hurt.

Spends most of his time building stuff, maintaining and occasionally upgrading Fort Mayhem's defense systems, playing video games, or taking naps.


Before Operation Hisarlik and the scattering of the bunnies across the comicverses, Icedude had no special abilities to speak of other than his mechanical capabilities. However, after being sent through the DRACO, he somehow accessed a latent telekinetic ability, and is now able to create 'energy drills'. For all intents and purposes, these behave exactly like a real metal drill would except that they can change size. However, it takes far too much energy for them to be used as viable weapons if made bigger than a normal sword, and even then he gets easily exhausted, so he still uses mecha to fight and the drills only as a last resort. Convenient for getting through walls, floors, ceilings and locked doors.


  • 16 Light Police Loader-Armours (Decommissioned)
  • 1 Heavy Police Loader-Armour ([Destroyed])
  • 2 'Gerwulf' Prototypes ([Gerwulf 1] [Complete], Gerwulf 2 Under Construction))

Other Creations/Projects

  • 3 Servbots (black/grey rather than blue paint scheme)
  • 'Dai-Bunny' Superweapon

Current Status

On standby in Fort Mayhem

Other Characters


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